Hello Alumni: News 20 June 2024

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Alumni-week in South Africa

TL Roots 2024. A unique gathering of like-minded leaders from different ALICT years, each with their own authenticity. Spiritual refresh, encouragement, equip, encounter, experience, share, connect, rest, hearing from God, lots of laughter and good food. Roots is about coming back to where you started, but also about being able to get going again. 

Alba (Class of ) is currently part of the OM team and serving on the Logos Hope missions ship. The ship was docked in Cape Town harbor for the time that Roots was running, and the alumni team had the privilege of visiting this amazing vessel.

The alumni week took place outside Stellenbosch, South Africa, with people arriving from 1 June and the last ones departing on the 9th. A big thank you to all donors and everyone who made it possible. But a special thank you to Rouana Guest Farm, Martie + Corne, Benjamin + Percy. Without you, this amazing event would not have taken place.

Dear ITL Family

Many of you are familiar with Soamalala (Lala) and her dedication to Christ-centered counselling. As her reach and impact continue to grow through ALICT and alumni programs, the volume of personal requests for counselling, seeking help, or Whatsapp messages has become overwhelming.

To manage this demand, PLEASE do NOT contact Soamalala directly for counselling assistance. Instead, reach out to your class facilitator, classmates, or church support networks for help. If you need assistance identifying your class facilitator, please message us.

Currently, our counselling services for alumni are limited. However, we’re actively exploring ways to expand our capacity and empower more individuals to serve in counselling roles, ensuring greater support for our alumni community. We will communicate any updates soon.

Remember to use the ‘Help button on the platform for urgent prayer requests related to life-threatening situations.

Xmeal 'feed'back

We had great Xmeals in the cities of Madagascar, Sierra Leone, Benin, Kenya and Ghana during the month of May, 2024. 

What is an Xmeal you ask? This is a get-together of ALICT alumni in the same city (called an X-team) and sharing a meal together.

During May we encouraged alumni of all cohorts, but in the same city, to get together and share a meal (with or without their families). On the last weekend of the month Cassie also shared a great message to the Xmeal groups via Zoom. Technology has made it easier to stay connected with others across the globe, but meeting in person provides a unique opportunity for meaningful interactions, builds stronger relationships, and fosters a sense of community and belonging. 

If you are interested in joining a Xteam (or Xmeal) in your city send an email to admin@itl.org.za

Prayer Requests:

Please pray for ALICT 2024: 

  • Travel and visa applications, we are experiencing more than usual challenges. 
  • A bus for transport during ALICT, and the funds therefor.
  • For the ALICT program itself, that participants’ hearts will be prepared and that the seeds sown will grow strong roots and bear much fruit. 

Please pray for our family network: 

  • for the fathers to be the persons God intended them to be
  • to keep their eyes focused on Jesus and their calling